Saturday, 15 December 2012


As everyone knows, or if you didn't know and just learning this, not that long ago was anti bullying week, and I'm pretty sure we can all agree that whether it's physical or verbal abuse it's still bullying. For physical abuse if someone at school is picking on you, punching you, or just makes you feel uncomfortable tell someone, I've been bullied and i never told anybody. Do you know why? Because I was scared that they would hurt me more, that they controlled me, and that they were superior. Have you ever been backed up into a corner? Punched in the face? Had a bruise because of someone? A lot of people have, even the bullies. Verbal abuse is also a pain, sometimes the abuser thinks their just joking around and that the victim knows that, but truth is that we may know that at times but it can still hurt, if you call them a whore, crack whore, hoe... ect, the victim won't forget. Sometimes the bully or abuser as you may call them, won't even realize that their hurting them, they may just be joking around and the victim will be laughing with them doesn't mean that they enjoy it, sometimes they'll be laughing just so that they don't show people how they really feel or don't want to be an attention seeker. The last major type of abuse would be sexual abuse, now i do not know any of this by experience, but most people who have been sexually abused, if not all, are terrified for life, everything they had trust in is gone, what would you do? If you were in their situation? I'd be terrified, i would never want anyone to know my story and try and forget everything, have my brain try and block it out, do anything.

~ Sorry for not posting in a while :) Love

Friday, 7 December 2012

What lies ahead?

Have you ever thought about your future? About what lies ahead? whether it's about who you're going to be with, if you're going to have kids. How many? What should I name her? What should I name him? Whether it's about university, which school should I go to?And one question that keeps popping up for teenagers is, what will I do? Some people figure out what they want to do at a young age, others keep changing their minds, and others are in 12th grade stressed about what to do after the year. While some are constantly worried about how their going to end up in life, others will try and plan ahead, and even if stuff doesn't go the right way they'll change course. But you can never predict what's going to happen next in your life, you can't plan what lies ahead. Some parents when the mother ends up pregnant will decide that their going to name their kid straight away, say that you're going to name it Malia because you know it's going to be a girl, surprise it's a boy now what? Say you have your whole life planned ahead "I'm going to become a _____" surprise! You didn't get the job, now what? Become a hobo? I don't think so! What if you absolutely know you're going to become a write, surprise! Your books suck! I'm pretty sure you get the point, don't get too down and give up but ease off or come up with similar ideas or even a back up plan. Just go with the flow.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Good Bye ____

People these days are all about attention, for example, good bye facebook, I'm deleting my account can't stand the drama. Okay what are you going to do delete your facebook and tell everyone to follow you on twitter, no you're either going to say "I was just kidding" or you're just going to make a new account and re add everyone claiming that you were having a mental breakdown or some lame excuse.
Twitter is another one, oh my god too much hate! So what! At least one person is going to hate you, don't even try saying nobody hates me cause thats definitely not true, whether you know it or not someone's going to hate you. Also if you're deleting twitter because of some hate. Either way you're going to re make it cause "Oh my god now what."
Also don't say you're getting rid of your cell phone, I'm addicted to mine, and so is everyone i know so, good luck not having a phone after you've had it. 
Now if you're one those super attention seekers who say you're going to do ALL of that, you may as well get rid of your television, and your computer because we very well know that everyone watches television and if you say you don't. LIAR! Even elderly people watch t.v. like all the time! Even babies, they may not know what their watching but they sure as hell know they like it. And if you do say you're going to do all of that stuff, you may as well move out and live in a crab shell.
One more thing. Don't you dare say I'm moving out because of one fight, we all know you're not going to until you're older, you can say it thousands of times and, well, let's be honest, if you do, GOOD LUCK! You're not going to go anywhere in life.
Have fun in your crab shell! Attention seeker!

Are friends really friends?

Have you ever thought about your friends? Who they really are, how they treat you. Are they always there for you? Well sometimes we're too blind to notice who are our real friends because we've known them for so long, just because you've known them for so long doesn't mean that they are the same person they were when you were younger. They may be talking behind your back, and if someone told you don't just shrug it off cause you don't believe it or even pretend that you're just fine. It hurts too know that one of your closest friends talks about you behind your back, that the person you thought you loved, hates you in return. There will always be at least one person you'll lose to a friend, whether it's for popularity, to try and make themselves feel better or even just to fit in with what's going on in our society. There's the real problem, society, people change for what's best to be popular, why change your personality, why change who you are just to fit in. Honestly if nobody had changed just to fit in there would be no clicks, people would still be friends, there would still be people talking behind your back but would they admit it if you confronted them. If you open up your eyes, stop being blind from your long friendships, look at whats really there, would you notice a difference? or would it be the same person you knew when you were younger. There's nothing wrong with having new friends, but don't judge them by the first glance at them if their big, or super skinny, or ratted clothes, or super fancy ones, just look at their personality and see who's really there.