Thursday, 6 December 2012

Are friends really friends?

Have you ever thought about your friends? Who they really are, how they treat you. Are they always there for you? Well sometimes we're too blind to notice who are our real friends because we've known them for so long, just because you've known them for so long doesn't mean that they are the same person they were when you were younger. They may be talking behind your back, and if someone told you don't just shrug it off cause you don't believe it or even pretend that you're just fine. It hurts too know that one of your closest friends talks about you behind your back, that the person you thought you loved, hates you in return. There will always be at least one person you'll lose to a friend, whether it's for popularity, to try and make themselves feel better or even just to fit in with what's going on in our society. There's the real problem, society, people change for what's best to be popular, why change your personality, why change who you are just to fit in. Honestly if nobody had changed just to fit in there would be no clicks, people would still be friends, there would still be people talking behind your back but would they admit it if you confronted them. If you open up your eyes, stop being blind from your long friendships, look at whats really there, would you notice a difference? or would it be the same person you knew when you were younger. There's nothing wrong with having new friends, but don't judge them by the first glance at them if their big, or super skinny, or ratted clothes, or super fancy ones, just look at their personality and see who's really there.

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