Saturday, 15 December 2012


As everyone knows, or if you didn't know and just learning this, not that long ago was anti bullying week, and I'm pretty sure we can all agree that whether it's physical or verbal abuse it's still bullying. For physical abuse if someone at school is picking on you, punching you, or just makes you feel uncomfortable tell someone, I've been bullied and i never told anybody. Do you know why? Because I was scared that they would hurt me more, that they controlled me, and that they were superior. Have you ever been backed up into a corner? Punched in the face? Had a bruise because of someone? A lot of people have, even the bullies. Verbal abuse is also a pain, sometimes the abuser thinks their just joking around and that the victim knows that, but truth is that we may know that at times but it can still hurt, if you call them a whore, crack whore, hoe... ect, the victim won't forget. Sometimes the bully or abuser as you may call them, won't even realize that their hurting them, they may just be joking around and the victim will be laughing with them doesn't mean that they enjoy it, sometimes they'll be laughing just so that they don't show people how they really feel or don't want to be an attention seeker. The last major type of abuse would be sexual abuse, now i do not know any of this by experience, but most people who have been sexually abused, if not all, are terrified for life, everything they had trust in is gone, what would you do? If you were in their situation? I'd be terrified, i would never want anyone to know my story and try and forget everything, have my brain try and block it out, do anything.

~ Sorry for not posting in a while :) Love

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